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Thank you for visiting.  The services offered are varied to serve your individual needs.

Massage, Reiki, Dynamic Energetic Healing® affiliated with DEH International™, art and photography, and piloting an aircraft, independently or synergistically combined, can assist you in healing your body, mind and spirit. I offer you the opportunity to explore the experience and healing you seek to heal your body, remove blockages to attaining your goals and dreams, awaken your heart, experience the spirit of adventure and freedom, or gain internal peace and balance.

Release your stresses and cares of daily living in the safe and nurturing environment of our Shaniko Woods studio. Working together toward your optimal good health within the healing tranquility of nature, you can assist healing symptoms as well as origins of traumas manifesting in your body and life, promote relaxation, prevent disease, heal from injury, or release specific tension, pain, or illness.

Gary W. Viehdorfer • LMT, CFII, Usui Reiki Master • OR 14894, HI 11376 • Phone: 503-480-9674 • Contact